Step into a world where you can freely explore every space.


A world where every space is freely accessible

Step into a world where you can freely explore every space.

We define "space" as a place for gathering—whether it's a cafe, office, park, or digital platforms like websites and social media.

In a time when spaces are overflowing with untapped potential, we aim to "edit" the existing spaces, contemplating how to maximize values and put ideas into action.


Spatial Collaboration

We specialize in consulting services for enhancing buildings and urban spaces through data management and organizational development.

We provide
・Setting up Digital Twins
・Deploying BIM strategies
・Developing BIM talents etc.

Our approach
#Implements with client requirements and international standards
#Documents and Drawing data integration
#Customization for partnering companies

We support strategies, tactics and BIM talent development, tailoring our approach to specific needs.


Editorial Collaboration

We specialize in planning, executing, and consulting services related content editing, transforming information and words within a space into communicative formats.

We provide
・Marketing strategies
・Owned media, SNS operations
・Building and managing editorial teams

Our approach
#Visualization of the current status
#Sharing processes
#Team member collaboration

We establish frameworks, learning and guide projects to success.


Creating a common language for everyone

・Enhance buildings into better places.
・Centralize building information to a central database.
・Improve spaces based on user feedback.

We are constructing a digital twin as a common language for various roles involved in building management such as facility management, security, cleaning, and general affairs. Integrating management information for facilities and equipment on the digital twin allows building owners, administrators, and users to engage in discussions to improve spaces accessing information.


Expanding Community Engagement

・Increasing community population
・Changing personalized outputs
・Continuity of a project

Establishing a structure for communication, and creating mechanisms that encourage ongoing participation.


Building a community where residents can share feedback

・Create an environment where residents can discuss, and share opinions that reflected back to the community
・Develop urban planning with operational focus
・Align the awareness of stakeholders on BIM usage and utilization

This project focuses on utilizing data to "create a comfortable city," initiating from the redevelopment planning phase. Our aim is to holistically plan urban development and area management, addressing common fragmentation challenges.


Company name: AMFi, Inc.
Establishment: May 2022
CEO: Kaho Sato
Location: Surugadishita MK Building 6F 1-41-3 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0051
Business Operations: Space Design and Development, Consulting Services, Content Editing Services.

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